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Monitor Site Speed and Core Web Vitals

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Be faster than your competition
Monitor Lighthouse scores Lighthouse is the tool that powers Google's PageSpeed Insights service. Track scores for performance, accessibility, and SEO

Monitor Core Web Vitals

Improve Google rankings. Google is now using web vitals as a ranking factor. Optimizing site experience is an important part of technical SEO. Benchmark against the competition. Compare trends across different websites, and optimize your site performance. Modern user experience metrics. Track user-centric performance metrics like Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift.

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Increase developer productivity

Reporting that goes beyond metrics. Your page load times just went up, but why? RoboMiri shows an in-depth comparison between any two test results, so you can see what changed. Efficiently debug front-end performance problems. Use detailed debug data on rendering, CPU tasks, and network requests to identify what's slowing down your site.

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One monitor service for all your needs, and more...
We call you when your service goes down.

Uptime notifications via Voice, SMS, Email or Webhook

Uptime monitoring notifications via Voice call you when something goes wrong in order to act quickly. You can also monitor your uptime via sms, email and webhook. Integrate your own system and make it react every time your service goes down. Never let your uptime go down again.

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