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Checking website speed: the simple way.

We can check the website performance automatically for you using our robot.

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Nobody likes a slow website.
Testing website performance in an automatic way.

Website performance tests

Using RoboMiri you can check a website speed in an automatic way. You can see how your load performance is improving or degrading from day to day. Website speed tests should be used regularly to track your user experience.

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Testing website speed

RoboMiri's performance monitor let's you track your load time and give you detailed improvement tips. We are using Google Lighthouse in order to generate the most detailed reports. We are running our website speed tests simulating a user laptop with 2 CPUs and 2 GB RAM. Using our performance website monitor you can check a website speed and get an email report without doing a thing.

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One monitor service for all your needs, and more...
We call you when your service goes down.


Cron Job Monitor

Heartbeat uptime monitoring for multiple cases. Monitor all your processes that have access to internet by sending a heartbeat to us. We will let you know if there are issues. Best cron monitor.


Keyword Uptime Monitor

Search for a word / sequence everywhere. Check the response body of a request to see if the word is there using keyword uptime monitor. Look for new products, monitor price of products or even your new movie release.


SSL Uptime Monitor

Be always secure, never forget it. We will notify you at your chosen time before your certificate will expiry. You will never have to remember to renew your certificates using SSL uptime monitor. Best SSL monitoring.


Website Uptime Monitor

We let you know it is down before creating additional costs. Reliable uptime monitor warns you before any significant trouble and helps you to get back on track as fast as possible. Wide range of API monitoring and website monitoring tools. The best website uptime monitoring service.


Port Uptime Monitor

Is your database down? What about email server? Monitor every chosen port, like email and database. Really, any port you want. Stay informed with the best port monitoring service on the market. Never let your database issues to make you problems again using Port uptime monitor. Be the first to find out.


Ping Uptime Monitor

Check your network uptime. Most used network monitor tooling helps you prevent downtime issues. Best ping uptime monitoring service that lets you know every time you have a network issue. Don't let it be too late before being notified using the best Ping uptime monitor.

Uptime notifications via Voice, SMS, Email or Webhook

Uptime monitoring notifications via Voice call you when something goes wrong in order to act quickly. You can also monitor your uptime via sms, email and webhook. Integrate your own system and make it react every time your service goes down. Never let your uptime go down again.

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